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Reaching out to a hurting humanity with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Crossing all ethnic and social lines.


Living in power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.


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Positive communication with our Heavenly Father. The will of Heaven on Earth.

Prayer Definitions

Prayer Definitions

Hebrew word: Tefilah
Means to Judge oneself – Thus prayer is the consummate place of self-examination before God and the beginning of rational change .

A prayerful discipline of the mind means to focus on an object to the exclusion of all others until a frame of thinking “mediates” some change or altered state.
Believers “meditate” on Christ . He is the only acceptable spiritual mediator of transformed thinking and behaving.

Meditation - #2
“Finally brethren whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely,..are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy- meditate on these things. (Phil 4:8)

Is the position of prayer in which a believer steps into the middle between God and another and prays as if he were the other for the good of the other. He is the middle connector between God and the other. It is the ‘filling of the Gap” between the needy and God, the supplier of grace. The term is one for “a meeting” specifically with a king!

Is the heart of prayer, oneness with God. Finding commonness with Him in term of values and mission, heart and passion. IT is beyond union, it is a sought after unity with God, complete agreement and surrender, perfect congruence and harmony.
It is the highest calling of prayer. “koinonia” It is the essence of the divine human partnership.

Is to ask humbly or earnestly in prayer. To entreat to beseech. To be earnest and sincere in offering the request, the disposition as important as the content of the requests. To beg.
From the word supple, which means to be readily bent or pliant. It is the idea of a yielded petitioner, ready to change, compliant to God, adaptable to his demands.

Means to call to one’s side by prayer to call God one’s aid. It is a plea for personal intervention, for presence along with any aid or advise.
It implies the comfort that comes with a parental hand on a fevered brow

Crying out
Is a passionate prayer. It may involve words and it may be beyond words. It is a deep cry of an oppressed person or people.
God hears the cries of people before they are in a relationship with Him.
He hears passionate prayers offered with tears from his own intercessors as well.

Is a legal term that describes a plea entered in a courtroom or in the case of prayer, heaven’s courtroom. It is a specific request for divine provision, appropriation, or intervention. Such a plea is made on the basis of some right, some law.
In the case of Christians its an appeal made on the strength of the new covenant. It is a draw on heaven’s resources in the name of Jesus.

Is a worshipful prayer. It is focused on the beauty of the lord and on His adoring attributes.

Means to “say the same thing” homologio, the same with logos, or word; thus the same word. Here, prayer demands words. Things confessed are sins and hopes. Christ himself is to be confessed. The ultimate confession is to say the same thing God is saying.
Confession is the gateway to forgiveness

Is the prayerful and joyful offering of thanks to God. It is to be done verbally, aloud. It may be stated or shouted. It may be sung! It is a celebration of God’s activity in our lives.
It is the most underused form of evangelism. ‘let the redeemed, say so. “ It enumerates and recounts the actions of God. It retraces grace. Reviews the past and by it faith is made resilient for the future.
Is beyond thanksgiving, Thanksgiving focuses on the actions of God. Praise focuses on the God who acts. Thanksgiving says ”thank you for saving me, healing me, directing me”. Praise says “ What a God! He saves, He heals, He directs our lives. Praise ascribes greatness and gives Him honor for who He is! He does what he does because of who He is! To speak in behalf of another.

Means to separate out, to distinguish, to judge, to evaluate. It involves testing. Its intent is to prove truth. Scriptural discernment is informed by the Scriptures and quickened by the Spirit. It reads the spiritual nature of an event or a person, an environment or an audience. It distinguishes between good and bad, positive and negative, the spirits of men and angels even to the nature and intent of those spirits. Simply determines the spiritual nature of something or someone.

In the Greek means to sway or vibrate. Paul uses the term to indicate that brushes with the demonic are actual and undeniable. We “vibrate” feeling the impact of encounters with these invisible opponents. Our prayer is almost physical. Their forceful resistance is at points vicious. We wrestle with principalities and powers.

Means to cease from labor. Our rest is not from labor but in labor. We rest in the Lord. We are not to strive, but to learn to let the Lord accomplish His work through us. Man’s first full day was the seventh day. He rested, and then out of that rest he labored. The law reversed the process. Six days he labored, then he rested. He worked in order to rest. “We enter not into our rest but into the rest of Christ.”

Resting #2
We worship on the eighth day the day of resurrection, the first day of the week . We labor out of the finished work of Christ, Prayerfully we rest then enter the harvest field always refreshed and never working out of our own righteousness.

Pulling Down
Means to “take Down” and is translated ‘ I will pull down” in Luke 12:18. It also carries the meaning of “to destroy”. In Jude 1:23 “to seize, snatch away” is rendered “pulling out”.
Parallel word Ekballo that means “ to cast out” is translated “ to pull out” in Matt 7:24, Luke 6:42. Both involve displacing evil within and without. Evil thoughts within, or evil powers without

Rooting Out
Is the idea of rooting out or digging up. IT is translated “pluck” as well. Again, here is the idea of displacing, dislocating, giving no opportunity for development.

Often is translated form the word from which we get our term “strategy”. It denotes an army set against us and our Lord, a plan to abort righteous causes. Indicates a spiritual conflict in which every believer is knowingly or unknowingly engaged.

Means to change, exchange. In relationships, it indicates a “change form enmity to friendship”. Thus, “to reconcile’. Reconciliation is what God accomplishes by exercising his grace towards sinful man on the ground of the death of Christ in propitiatory sacrifice under the judgment due to sin. 2 Cor 5:19. Men in their sinful condition and alienation from God are invited to be “reconciled” to him.

Reconciliation 2
This requires a change in their attitude, and the acceptance of the provision God made by which sins can be remitted. Forgiveness and reconciliation are not the same.
Is from the Gr. Word sunphoneo our word symphony. It means to sound together, or to be in accord. It means to make music together. In NT used as an “agreement” between people. Matt 18:19, 20:2,13. It means to make an agreement to give assent to. Luke 22:5.
We agree with God in prayer, thus we sound together. We are praying from the same script, His music. We have given assent to his pact.
Refers to the four watches in the night of three hours each( 6:00 pm-6:00am) in Roman times . Earlier Jews counted only three watches. The watch came to be associated with prayer. It means “actively guarding”. The Latin custodia (custody) is rendered “, Watch” in Matt. 2:65-66;28:11. The watchman had to stay awake and alert. He had the responsibility of keeping, observing and preserving.

Refers to the fact that God hears our prayers and that HE speaks to His own. His sheep hear His voice. Hearing is not a matter of the ear, but of the heart. Biblical hearing involves a heart ready to respond in obedient. Hearing God is usually a subjective matter, evaluated by the record of others who have heard Him, the Biblical record.
Is an expression of faith. It is evidence that we have “heard God” and have been compelled by what He has said. Obedience for the believer is not a thing to be chafed at, but a demonstration of freedom. To be able to act in righteous and godly ways, contrary to the world and the flesh, is to demonstrate that we are indeed free.